Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Verdict - NLP is Mumbo Jumbo

Past experience has taught me humility. Hence my criticism of NLP has been somewhat guarded.

Having looked up NLP on Wikipedia, I am pretty convinced that NLP is pseudo science. If the lives of the inventors of NLP are anything to go by, then NLP is definately dubious to say the least. On wikipeadia, there are links to several critiques of which this one is typical.

What does NLP say about our society? Why is everyone looking for a quick route to "success"

I'm of Jamaican decent. In Jamaica, especially in rural areas, old west african values still hold. People are a lot more relaxed about life, a lot more social, and a lot happier. In the town however, (kingston) european values tend to dominate. In a small island, the two cultures sit uneasily together.

When visiting Jamaica, it is clear to me what we in the west have lost. It is also clear how global economics is forcing much of the world down the same path.

People need to ask who is benefiting from this trend? Certainly not the majority of the worlds population. Where will it end? 1 billion chinese are about to join the rat race in earnest - can the planet support this?

Frankly I find it worrying.

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george said...

Hi Paul,

What is it about NLP that you find to be pseudoscience as you put it? I am a practitioner of NLP and have found it to be very useful in my life and that of others. We are not a cult and do not recruit or force NLP on others. One of the basic premises of NLP is similar to the Golden Rule. We strive to achieve ecology in interaction with others and those who we work with as clients. Please expound your views. My email is tampalam@yahoo.com
I look forward to hearing from you.

Be well and the very best to you,