Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Materialism, Spirituality and NLP

Been reading more about NLP. From the moment I was introduced to NLP, I've been a bit uncomfortable with it. In my last post on NLP, I questioned whether NLP could help if your desired outcomes where themselves spiritually unforfilling. Well, the answer is sort of. At least from what I've read. In choosing outcomes, NLP suggest that you identify outcomes that 'suite you'. Outcomes that are congruent with all aspects of you. NLP goes on to say that change should be supported by your subconcious.

NLP also describes a concept known as modeling. This is where the behaviour of "successful people" is analysed and copied. In this way NLP believes that success can be taught.

Unfortunately in my reading thus far NLP has not defined what it means by success. From what I've read, the implication is material success.

So if material gain, is the yard stick for success, where does the soul fit in? It seems to me that this focus on materialism turns sprituality on its' head. Rather than seeking contentment, peace and happiness from within, NLP seems to be promoting the search for happiness through external things.

I think this is a sign of our modern times. Production and consumption, is our new God. As human beings we seem to have lost the connection with our own souls, with nature and with God.

NLP seems to be trying to harness the resources of the soul in the service of material gain. If my interpretation is correct, then us in the west are truly lost. Here is a quote:"... In this spiritual confusion, many cults, sects and - issuing also emerge. Both religion and philosophy become materialistic and politicized...". This is taken from Brahma Kumaris

Life is speeding up, and increasingly more materlisitic. In the west, we are less communal, more individualistic and increasingly isolated as individuals. In this all consuming rush for wealth, our humanity itself seems to be the victim.

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